Enter the fascinating new world of Tulula

Discover and explore over 30 locations, each with a unique setting and atmosphere. Travel through jungles, sands, caves and volcanos to reveal the ultimate secret of an ancient tribe.

Challenge yourself with tons of puzzles, riddles and minigames

Use your mighty intellectual powers and keep yourself entertained by solving puzzles, finding items, and finding solutions to figure out what’s really happened to all these cute little guys.

Meet adorable characters and help them get back to their normal lives

As the chosen one, tasked with saving the tribe, you'll be accompanied by the shaman Taboo who will guide you through your journey. Along the way, you'll also meet his true love Maya, who has fallen out of love and refuses to see him, his brother Baboo, the troublesome imp Volco, and the evil spirit who has no name. Maybe you can think of one?

Find lighthearted humor and lots of activities to suit the tastes of every explorer

As you complete your journey, you'll restore the tribal totem, pieces of which are scattered around all of the locations; help Taboo regain Maya's love; cure a gigantic fish which serves as a home for one of the heroes; and restore the tribal village by collecting spiritual money and blueprints. Accomplish over 15 achievements and more!

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